Coordinate: 44.442556, 9.0170663,17
The locality of Fontanegli is less than twenty minutes from the centre of Genoa and only 7 km from the exit of the mortorway of Genova-East (cemetery of Staglieno). It is 12-13 km from the port and the riviera.
the area is surrounded by greenery, beautiful houses and the antique seventeenth-century villas situated along the crêuze genovesi (typical narrows alleys) that run from the valley along the crest of the hills.
Within walking distance there are two typical restaurants, popular destinations of the locals at the weekends for good food at a good price.
From the highway:
Take the road towards Piacenza, continue for 7 km along the right bank of the torrent Bisagno, keep going straight on (about 15-17 minutes).
After passing some sheds/warehouses and the SO. GE. GROSS (wholesale shop) you reach a roundabout.
Continue towards Fontanegli (via G. Da Verrazzano), after some corners, on the right, there is a sign for “Osteria da Pippo”, continue in that direction.
At the first fork in the road turn left, at the second fork (after 50 m) turn right and go straight to the end of the road (dead-end) (Via Serropiano). .
You have arrived!!!!
The street is tipical of hill and cars more large can be a little difficoult for the access, but we have come Suv (Range Rover, Bmw X5).
If you have a Cayenne or very big van, we have a parking at 300 m of B&B where is possible park your vehicle and continue by walking.